Fabric Cleaner & Spotter with Fabric Protector



Product Description

This Fabric care kit is a fantastic combination for cleaning and protecting upholstered furniture.

This care kit will include; Fabric cleaner & spotter, Fabric protector, a sponge and a cloth.

Fabric cleaner & spotter:

Fabric cleaner & spotter is a highly effective product as it is designed to loosen the dirt and stain molecules that stick onto fibres. This is achieved by spraying the Fabric cleaner against the dirty surface on your furniture and giving it time to dwell. After applying the Fabric cleaner there is no need to scrub against the surface; just simply allow it to soak. This cleaning action makes the product totally safe to use without causing any damage to the surface it is applied to.

Fabric protector

The Fabric Protector is highly effective against all oil and water based stains for all upholstery furniture, clothes & carpets. This product contains no solvents or abrasives; and so is totally safe to use on all fabrics and textiles. It is even safe to use on your domestic delicates delicates such as wool and silk.


  • 250ml containers


Additional Information

Dimensions L x W x H cm


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