Leather Care Kit



Product Description

This Leather care kit is the perfect combination for cleaning your leather furniture. These products can clean and protect most leather materials.

This care kit will include; Leather protection cream, Leather ultra clean, a sponge and a cloth.

Leather protection cream:

The Leather protection cream is used to enhance all furniture leather types and strengthen the upholstered materials. This product can provide protection against water and oil based stains, preventing dirt from spoiling your leather’s lifespan.

Leather ultra clean:

The leather ultra clean is a highly recommended water based solution containing no types of abrasives or solvents. It is certainly cable of renewing the freshness of your leather furniture. It is a fantastic product used for cleaning most leathers; removing dirt, grime and stains. This product cannot be used on suede or nubuck leather.


  • 250ml containers
  • Water based products
  • Ideal for all colours of leather


Additional Information

Dimensions L x W x H cm


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