Wood Clean & Polish Care Kit



Product Description

This is a brilliant combination for maintaining all wooden furniture. This wood cleaner and polish kit is the ideal solution for revamping all wooden surfaces, bringing them back to life.

This care kit will include; Beeswax polish, Wood cleaner and a lint cloth.

Beeswax Polish:

Beeswax Polish is a popular natural wax used to refurbish all natural wooden surfaces. This product provides a protective coat, causing your furniture surface to endlessly shine. It is ideal for solid, natural and antique wood.

Wood cleaner:

Wood cleaner is a highly sought after product as it is safe to use on all wooden surfaces. With this Wood cleaner you can wipe all wooden surfaces spotlessly clean with very little effort. It is capable of thoroughly cleaning ingrained dirts and stains from unfinished wood and transforming its appearance.



  • 250ml containers
  • Lint cleaning cloth included


Additional Information

Dimensions L x W x H cm


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